Dur-Katlimmu – Tel sheik Hamad 2011/2014

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The Dur-Katlimmu is a Syrian archaeological site in Deir Ezzor governorate, and its modern name is Tel of Sheikh Hamad, about 70 km from Deir Ezzor, on the eastern bank of the Khabur River. The ancient name of the site was known through the cuneiform Tablets of this Tel. In 1977, thirty cuneiform tablets were found in one of the irrigation streams, among them, a Tablet confirming that Tell Sheikh Hamad is the site of the Assyrian city “Dur-Katlimmu”, while the texts that were found date back to the Middle Assyrian period in the days of (Shalmaneser I) 1274-1245 B.C. And (Toklati Ninurta) 1244-1280 BC.

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